Ready for True Love: The Modern Guide for Ladies, Gents, Daters and Couples
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I want True Love, but... am I actually Dateable — a.k.a., ready for a True Love relationship?
What about the cutie I have my eye on... are they Dateable as well?
In our new book, Ready for True Love, discover the 5 Dateable Traits both you and your Life Partner must have, if you want to attract, nurture, and blossom a True Love relationship that lasts.
The 5 Dateable Traits is the Secret Formula for True Love. It is a vetting and self-improvement checklist via which you can discern if you are Dateable; and if your love interest is also Dateable right now.
Using the 5 Dateable Traits as your True Love Compass can help shield you from wasting your precious Time with an UnDateable, who will bring a tornado of drama, tears and heartbreak into your beautiful Life.
Each of the 5 Dateable Traits is universal — applicable to every women and every man. No matter their age, persuasion, religion, culture, et al.
Learning, understanding, and practicing the 5 Dateable Traits can revolutionize your personal Life, your Dating Life, and your Love Life.
In this book, we also answer and dismantle some of the biggest myths, lies, and questions plaguing our society when it comes to Love, Dating, and relationships.
Which may be blocking you from ever experiencing True Love. Including:
Does True Love really exist?
Do nice guys always finish last?
Are women The Prize in a relationship?
Do they want me for Me, or for my Gold?
My partner cheated — should I stay or go?
At Love Moderne, we are Lovingly honest about Real Love and True Love. As an independent publishing house, we have the freedom to tell you the Truth about Love.
Most traditional publishers are not in the business of telling you the Truth.
For centuries, they have been churning out books and magazines that have been spreading societal myths, lies, and half-truths like a toxic, confusing, and misleading wildfire.
These myths and lies have been blocking generations of readers from ever experiencing True Love in their lifetime.
Ready for True Love is an insightful and delightful read for Daters looking for True Love... for Couples who want to live Happily Ever After... and for friends to discuss during book club, over brunch, on a hike, et al.
It is written with honesty, wisdom, and romantic realism by Love Moderne, a research collective where we study Love in all its forms — as part of our Global Love Mission to make the world a more Loving and Lovable place.
We love Love. We love sharing the Love. And we cannot wait to help you find and fall in True Love!
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