The Mixtape "gold seal edition", short story collection (softcover, signed by author) including bonus book swag with purchase
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Kenya Wrote That
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The Mixtape (Special Edition) is a collection of seven web-only stories by Kenya Moss-Dyme.
Dead to Me – In an upscale neighborhood, a woman wages a lonely battle against the undead
Groundhog – A pair of cheaters attempt to rid themselves of their problem with unexpected results
Cornflower Farms – A game of Ding Dong Ditch forever changes the lives of three childhood friends
Peanut Butter Kisses – A mother takes unparalleled steps to prove her love for her son
The Spelling Bee – An alien plays a game of cat and mouse with the hunter sent for its capture
Patchwork – A healing gift is also a tool of vengeance for a jilted wife
Roar – Road kill is the order of the day for an outcast in a small town
This exclusive signed 'gold seal' edition is available only direct from the author!
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