Sick xoxo (Signed paperback with goodies) Soft Cover Collector's Edition
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What's more terrifying than love? Death? At least you know the ending. Sex? You let them in deep, but what will they take when they leave, and what will they leave inside of you? When you LOVE - oh, my - you open up WIDE and expose the very core of your body, your soul, your mind, your heart...your YOU. You can't be any more vulnerable than when you're open. What's more terrifying than that? Let's talk about it. "Sick xoxo" is a chilling collection of women-centered horror stories that burrow deep into the darkest corners of love, sex and other in-between connections that bind. In these twisted tales, love transforms into malevolence, bending hearts and souls into something haunting, terrifying, and beautiful. These stories show the depths of obsession, possession, and the horrifying consequences of love taken to extremes.
Get this exclusive SIGNED SOFTCOVER direct from the "nightmare vendor" Kenya Moss-Dyme! Includes special selected goodies with your order.
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