Through Darkness They Will Come - Book Box (Signed by Author)
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This book came with so many goodies and in excellent condition. Can’t wait to read!
A**e L**e
A**e L**e
Item: Default
Is absolutely beautiful I was scared to even open the box! I 🧡 all the little goodies!
I am so excited to read the book get comfy with the socks and candle and kick back with some tea and coffee and just be able to have some self care while reading thank you to Jared barber and the team nicely done
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About this product
This is an awesome book box for all of those avid readers out there. Currently the book available is "Through Darkness They Will Come" this is a new novel written and signed by me and is the first book in a series of 3. In an effort to give you as much value as possible I have included items in this book box that will help you enjoy the book aroma therapy candles, tea and coffee there is something for everyone in here, and I can't wait for you to have a copy of my book and enjoy the read. - If items are marked as gifts if there is something special you would like written or something else, please right after you order send me a message about what you are needing. I typically get these out in the mail next day to get it to you as quickly as possible so if you wait to message me, I may already have your box in the mail.
What Comes in the Book Box
1 x Signed Copy of Through Darkness They Will Come
Random Boxes Will Also Have 1 x Signed Copy of Trapped
1 x Magnetic Bookmark
1 x Metal Sword w/ Tassel Bookmark
1 x Instant Coffee (Random Flavors)
1 x Tea Bags (Random Flavors)
1 x Aroma Therapy Candle
1 x Fantasy Lapel Pin
1 x Fuzzy Socks
2 - 3 x Fantasy Stickers
+ Other Items periodically added
Packaged in a 11x9x2 fliptop box, with plenty of filler to protect your newly signed novel, prices will vary as I work through finding the best deals for the items in each book box. Please understand that while this may seem expensive you are getting a lot for what you pay for, anywhere else you would be paying more for what I am offering, or you would get it cheaper with nothing but a book and a bookmark inside. The offerings in this book box are made to help you enjoy the book drink the tea, drink the coffee while you sit down with your aroma therapy candle burning all nice and cozy while you enjoy Wrens Adventures through the darkness!
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