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Connecting creators and sellers through creativity and commission

New marketing channels for brands and new monetization opportunities for creators.

For sellers

Link up with creators and pay commission on successful sales.

For creators

Promote brands that are relevant to your followers.

Affiliate for sellers

  • Link up with the right creators for your brand
  • Monitor how well creators are selling your products
  • Commission is automatically paid as a percentage of sales

Affiliate for Creators

  • Easily find products to sell
  • Recommend products in videos and livestreams
  • Get paid commission on your sales

Affiliate Plans

Set different commission plans based on your sales needs

Shop Plan

Quickly set a basic flat commission rate for all products

Open Plan

Create a special plan for particular products, open to all creators

Targeted Plan

Invite particular creators to promote selected products

Join TikTok Shop Affiliate now

  • Step1

    Log in to TikTok Shop Seller Center

  • Step2

    Click the "Affiliate Marketing" button at the top

  • Step3

    Create an affiliate plan based on your needs

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